Our Approach

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Global Interior Solutions

Our Mission

To deliver sustainability, profitability and performance for our clients, shareholders and employees.

Our Values


We will encourage and practice open communication by sharing relevant information and ideas. We will trust and respect each other by promoting inclusive communication.


We will act honestly and respect ourselves, our colleagues and all company stakeholders.


We will take ownership and responsibility for our actions with a positive attitude. We will each commit to what we are responsible for. We will take a can-do approach to all of our tasks.


We will be consistently productive by working together as a team, sharing knowledge, innovating, collaborating, inspiring and enhancing the overall business. We will embrace and welcome change as a catalyst for creating opportunities. We will work to identify and eliminate risks.

Exceptional Service

By building strong, sustainable and healthy relationships, we will deliver on our promise and enhance our reputation and credibility. We will stay motivated and focused to provide competitive solutions tailored for our clients.


Our strategy – long-term, profitable and sustainable growth

Depa Group’s mission is to create value for our shareholders by delivering high-quality, exceptional interior solutions to our clients across the globe. 2016 was a transformative year for Depa Group, with the Group’s corporate office being established as a strategic management company. The role of Depa Group is to provide strategic direction and leadership support to the Group’s Key Business Units and investments. This has positioned us for the next phase of our evolution and a new period of growth.

Superior quality workmanship and service

Depa Group will achieve this strategy by exceeding our client’s expectations, ensuring their complete satisfaction on each project we undertake. We aim to add value to our client’s assets by providing comprehensive, custom fit-out solutions of the highest standards, on time and within budget.


The diverse services and geographic breadth of Depa Group’s operations provide for a wide range of risk factors in delivering services to our clients. Risk management at Depa Group is a process of identification, assessment and treatment of risks that have the potential to impact materially on the Group’s operations, people, reputation, the environment and communities in which we work. Our Risk Management Framework consists of the Investment and Risk Committee which monitors and ensures the adequacy of operational and investment risk management processes.

Depa Group’s Risk Management Framework is further supported by:

  • The enterprise risk management program which includes a robust gate review process for all projects;
  • The delegation of authority matrix which provides guidance for the authorization and empowerment of material financial or operational decisions;
  • The internal audit function;
  • The compliance and governance function;
  • The group’s code of conduct and whistleblowing policy.